Animal Planet Waives Adoption Fees in Austin

 From lowering blood pressure, to helping those with depression, dogs and cats really do go beyond their pet-on-demand services! I personally have a chihuahua, a part-time pomeranian (I share him with my boyfriend) and full-time cat. They provide so much positive energy in my life! I can’t imagine going about my day without a wet-nose nudge from one of my doggies or a meow ordering me to refill the cat bowl with food and replace the water I just replaced an hour ago (Mika is truly a queen).

Recently, I learned that Animal Planet has teamed up with the Austin Animal Center and Austin Humane Society to waive adoption fees in their “R.O.A.R. To Their Rescue” program! The Austin shelters were of three marketplaces selected (the others were Cleveland, Ohio, and Miami, Fla.) to each receive a grant of $25,000 each. As of Sept. 1, Animal Planet has given the grant to these shelters to use with no deadline imposed.

According to this article on The Daily Texan, the shelters had $15,000 left on Sept. 5. If each adoption costs about $150, that means the shelters would need to complete 100 adoptions to exhaust the remaining amount left allotted to the Austin shelters.

I can’t say I’m an expert on how many dogs and cats find a new home each week, but since it’s only been two weeks since that statistic was given (in the time I am writing this blog post), I’m pretty sure there might be a chance for you to benefit under this fabulous partnership! If you’re looking to adopt a cat or dog from Austin, Texas, I suggest contacting the shelters as soon as you can to see if you can still make it in time to benefit under the partnership established with Animal Planet. Here is their info:

Austin Animal Center Phone: 512-978-0500 Austin Humane Society Phone: 512-646-7387

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