Amnesty protest held Saturday in downtown Baltimore

On Saturday, the VoiceBox Media team joined the Amnesty protest in downtown Baltimore and traced a 3.5 mile-march from McKeldin Fountain to the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center then to the Baltimore City Jail, the Latrobe Housing Group and back to the McKeldin Fountain.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.02.58 PM

The peaceful protest was an opportunity for local activists from Philadelphia, North Carolina and Baltimore to show solidarity and to give people voice to their stories while advocating for the release of youth arrested during the Baltimore Uprising.

Holly Wise from VoiceBox Media brings you the story:

Hear a young activist deliver an impassioned speech outside the Juvenile Justice Center, also known in the community as the “Baby Booking” center.

Watch as the protesters march down St. Paul Street into downtown Baltimore:

For additional coverage, read The Baltimore Sun’s coverage of today’s protest.

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