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We’re a bunch of journalists, visual storytellers and audience engagers, and we’re crazy about using our talent to provide in-depth analysis and reporting on social issues and the people working to solve them. We want to know what works? What’s not working? How are solutions happening?

Transformational partnerships is at the heart of what we do. Through our collaboration with mainstream media outlets, the stories we tell reach more people. Our partnerships at universities creates opportunities for student interns to innovate and exercise their skill sets in a hands-on learning environment. Our network of freelancers provides coverage from multiple places in the world.

We tell solutions stories. We connect people. We transfer knowledge.

The story of VoiceBox Media, in the words of its founder Holly Wise:

Put simply, journalism chose me, and it was somewhere in the Romanian countryside and orphanages, surrounded by untold stories, that I found my calling.

I studied journalism in college with my eye set on an international reporting gig. Ultimately, I wanted to use my writing to change the world, and the dream has stayed alive through two college degrees and posts as a newsroom leader at three publications.

I wrote my most important story to date in New Mexico. The economically repressed town was opening its first food pantry and the director was in need of volunteers to sort food and stock the pantry. The response was overwhelming; she had more volunteers than what she had work for.

This seemingly insignificant story changed how I viewed my work. I used to believe I could change the world through my journalism, but this story made me realize that if I’m responsible for changing my corner, and if I inspire the person next to me to do the same, then eventually global change is inevitable.

VoiceBox Media highlights these corner-of-the-world changers and give its viewers the opportunity to read, see and hear how change is occurring around the globe.

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