A Not-So-Open Letter to My Communication Inspiration

Open letters are kind of weird to write, considering you have one person in mind but you’re trying to generalize it so that everyone can relate. So here’s my not-so-open letter to my high school teacher, Mr. Reed, that inspired me down my communications career path without even knowing it. I’ve really got to tell him personally one of these days.

Thank you for showing me that behind every cause is a powerful communicator that makes people care. Without someone to make people care, none of the important movements you taught me about in high school would get as far as they have in my last four years of college.

It made me want to be that powerful communicator. It made me want to create a voice for the voiceless.

Thank you for never even knowing outright that you were inspiring me down a career path you might not have even known existed. You probably didn’t know you were pushing me down a communications path.

You might have thought you were encouraging me to travel, or take a career in politics. However, without even knowing it, you were making me look inside myself and pick an area of study that plays on my strengths that would ultimately leave the world a better place.

Thank you for being the kind of teacher that doesn’t just hear high school students but listens to them.

Thank you for being the teacher that remembers its students, it makes telling you that you are my inspiration for my career so much better.

Thank you for inspiring me to leave this world a better place than I found it, because without you I wouldn’t even know about half of the terrible things that go on out of my amazing family.

Since graduating high school, I have been exposed to and worked on so many causes. To name a few, captivity of orcas, human trafficking, the broken foster care system, corruption in the government and many, many more.

Without being exposed to just a few of those in your class, I would have not “caught the bug” to keep myself informed, become a documentary junkie and ultimately inspire me to work with nonprofits. Any important movement needs someone to refine its messages to create an audience. Every audience makes the change happen. I would have never known this without the guidance of your class.

As I continue into my last few months of college, I am constantly reminded that I am about to enter the big, bad “real world” and as terrifying as that is I remember that I am educated, I have loving parents, and things could be worse.

I think about everything I’ve learned, and get to learn and it all goes back to how lucky I am to have been able to stick to the career path I confidently chose my senior year of high school based on one class and one teacher.

And thank you to all of my college professors and mentors after you that keep my dream alive by encouraging me that my dream is possible, and I can leave this world a better place. Each and every one of the people in my life has challenged me to be better so that I can reach my goals.

My parents, my professors and my mentors at work have all been the support system I need to take on my dream that all started in a classroom in 2012, and turn it into a reality this May!

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